Here you will find a collection of links to my published works currently available online. This will only apply to open access pieces; for the full list of my publications, see my curriculum vitae, available HERE.


“Blurred Forms: An Unsteady History of Drunkenness.” The Appendix. 2, 4 (Fall 2014).

“The Citie Calls for Beere: the Introduction of Hops and the Foundation of Industrial Brewing in Early Modern London.” Journal of the Brewery History Society. 150 (2013): 6-15. (Available online at Brewery History.)

“Myths Laid to Rest: Death, Burial, and Memory in the American South.” Essays in History. 59 (2013).

“Introduction: New Approaches and Perspectives on Transatlantic History.” Co-authored with Isabelle Rispler. Taversea. 2 (Fall: 2012): 1-3.

“Introduction: What is Transatlantic History?” Co-authored with Isabelle Rispler. Traversea. 1 (Fall: 2011): 1-4. 

Blog Posts

“Don’t Put Away Your Phones: Bringing Twitter into the College Classroom,” Process, a Blog for American History. October 22, 2015.

“Understanding ‘the Unity of the Diverse’: Sven Beckert on the Entangled History of Cotton, Slavery, and Capitalism,” U.S. Intellectual History Blog. April 11, 2015.

“A Toast to Your Health: Getting Drunk in Colonial America,” The Appendix Blog. February 25, 2013.


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