img_3158I am a cultural historian of the early modern Atlantic World, and I hold a doctorate in  transatlantic history from the University of Texas at Arlington. I received funding for my Ph.D. through the Enhanced Doctoral Graduate Teaching Assistantship. I specialize in the history of early modern colonization and the transatlantic slave trade in North America and the Caribbean. I currently research the history of food and drink, specifically the history of distillation and brewing. I currently work as a Research Fellow for The Waggonner Center and as a Visiting Assistant Professor for the Department of History and Social Sciences at Louisiana Tech University.

My current book project, “Spirits of Resistance: Alcohol, Drunkenness, and Rebellion in the Early Modern Atlantic World,” examines the use of alcohol and intoxication as a means of resistance among marginalized and subjugated groups, including slaves, indigenous peoples, and backcountry settlers. The ubiquity of alcohol in seventeenth and eighteenth-century colonial societies produced many instances of drunkenness; in this manuscript, I explore the ways certain groups, as well as individuals, used alcohol to form bonds and engage in acts of resistance against systems of power and control. With a focus on alcohol, this research adds a new way of understanding acts of rebellion against imperial forces in British and French colonies in North America and the Caribbean.

My research received support from fellowships from the Massachusetts Historical Society and the Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington at Mount Vernon. My dissertation, from which this project builds, received the George Wolfskill Award for Excellence in Doctoral Dissertation in Transatlantic History in 2016 from the UTA History Department. In addition to my book manuscript, I am currently working on finalizing article drafts and always formulating future publication plans.

Feel free to share your thoughts on any posts, or email me regarding any comments or questions!

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